Clinton Protected Our Forests To Death



This letter is in response to the two editorial cartoons the Roundup ran the last two weeks. They imply that George W. Bush would chop down our forests and charge fees to everyone who uses them. They also imply that Bill Clinton was the savior of all our forests.

I believe these to be just the opposite.

Under Clinton's Administration the forests have been protected to death. With all guidelines in place to prevent logging, grazing, etc. the forests have become fire hazards, succumbing to disease and will be off limits to the very people who enjoy using them. Example: just look at denying people access to many forest campsites while making them pay fees to camp on paved parking lots.

Grazing restrictions have put ranchers out of business and restricted logging has closed sawmills and put many towns in financial trouble.

While cartoons are meant to be funny, it is not humorous when they are projected to be truth. If you notice, these cartoons are from New Jersey and do not represent what is really true in the West.

George W. Bush will restore our forests under multiple use, which is what the law requires for the USFS. Our forests will be able to function as intended, for all people to enjoy.

Bill Conway, Payson

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