Sometimes Humans Stand In For Angels


A woman was attacked by a pack of dogs on Main Street Sunday. The 54-year-old Payson resident, Kathleen Kelly, wrote the Roundup a letter that illustrates the drama of what happened.

She writes, "... to my horror, the dogs started to charge at me. I screamed for help but nobody came. I thought that my best chance was to run out into the street to make someone stop and come to my aid. I admit that it must have been a pretty traumatic scene to watch from the safety of a car. I don't know, myself, what I would have done if I had witnessed such a frightening scene. All I could think of was to scream and plead endlessly for help. But even though I effectively stopped traffic, all the cars and pick-up trucks just watched while the three dogs surrounding me were relentlessly snarling, jumping and biting ... I was terrified. I knew that if I fell to the ground it would be the end ... I worked desperate to stay on my feet as the dogs ripped at me. I kept looking at these people in their cars and screaming 'somebody please help.' ... Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man running toward me. I remember at that moment I thanked God for sending what looked to me to be a very capable angel in answer to my prayers."

Kelly may have mistaken local resident, Patrick Willis, for an angel because of his white hair and pleasant face, or perhaps it was the way he charged into the middle of danger without thought for his own safety. But to her, he was a true rescuing angel as he beat back the attacking dogs and took Kelly to safety.

We are grateful for the good people of our community like Mr. Willis, for caring enough to help when they see someone in need or in danger. Thank you.

We know Pat doesn't want the attention or praise, but we believe such an honorable act should not go unnoticed. Especially if by making such a frightening event public, some people in our community might take time to reinforce the confinement of their dogs.

Kelly is a healthy adult who received the help of a brave man (angel). That's why this report has a happy ending. But had the victim been one of our older residents or a child, it would have been a different story. Please take responsibility for your dogs.

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