Animal Clinic Practices 'Strong-Armed' Tactics


I have been a longtime and very good client of a certain veterinary clinic here in town. Recently, I had a recurring problem with one of my six dogs. She was treated at this clinic twice. The third time she had a flair-up with the same problem, I chose to get a second opinion from a different veterinary clinic. The result, a new diagnosis, new medication and, on a happy note, my dog is fine.

On Jan. 4, I was called by the animal clinic that I had used for years and told, "I have to warn you, if you choose to use another veterinarian outside of our clinic, we can refuse to treat any of your animals in the future." I was told this because, as the caller stated, "Ours is the only veterinary clinic in town with 24 hour emergency care, and we don't want to care for other veterinarians' emergency calls." I have found that this is not true. I have called two other local veterinarians and they both offer 24-hour emergency care.

I am a longtime resident of Payson and love living in this community, but I wonder, can this type of coercion only happen in a small town?

I believe most medical doctors approve of and encourage second opinions. I wonder how many others have been threatened by the "strong-armed" tactics of this animal clinic.

Robin Morris, Payson

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