Paper Shouldn't Glorify Topless Dancers


Roundup reporter Mike Burkett is Payson's "Most Eligible Bachelor." This must explain his personal interest in the five topless dancers who posed recently for Playboy magazine.

Surely the editor of the newspaper must have approved the copy of this story, along with the photos of the women, one of whom adheres to the credo, "No shirt, no bra, no problem."

Well, I have a problem with this article. I have an impressionable preteen daughter. I do not think the glorification of topless dancing, or posing nude in a men's magazine, should be featured in Payson's family oriented newspaper.

We moved to Payson to live in a smaller, "cleaner" town.

My daughter reads your newspaper; please don't disappoint me with journalism like this.

Michelle Dyer, Payson

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