Challenge To Raise Teachers' Salaries


I wish to place a challenge to those who desire to elevate the pay our fine public school teachers here in Payson deserve. I will write a check for $1,000 to the Payson Public Schools for the specific purpose of being used for teachers' salaries for the 2001-2002 school year. I challenge anyone to match that amount.

It is very obvious the Arizona State Legislature does not wish to address the desperate need to acquire and retain quality educators with their feeble support of education in this state. With little financial help from the federal government, but plenty of negative criticism from all levels of government, our schools are in severe need of much more economic support.

We have a very concerned, competent school board, but their hands are tied. The money available to the district is far from providing professional pay to our administrative and teaching staff. Not only do we have outstanding public school personnel but a courteous, respectful student population. I work with the students here frequently and find the association enjoyable and rewarding. I have been in public education for 43 years and find the students today as fine as ever.

Paul R. Gonnerman, Payson

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