'Freedom, Enjoyed By All, Allow All Of Our Expressions'


In response to the Jonathan Marsh family and the Jamie Silva family:

I thank you for showing concern about my multi-talented, artistic and beautiful daughters, and for bringing into public view your suggestions about long-lasting inner beauty.

I, too, happen to be an advocate of self-worth. As a writer of tutorial material on self-worth, my appreciation goes out to you for bringing this point up.

I have instilled much in my children, who have often received honorable mention for their unusual combination of inner and outer beauty. Life has a way of giving us back exactly as we put out. Thank you again for being so observant.

It was simply sad to discover through your letter that you assumed honorable character traits had been overlooked by their mama in her eagerness to promote the "big bucks." I'd love to introduce you to five role-model sisters who have touched many, and who each exemplify aspects of very stable individuals (those who are) courageous, strong, intelligent, happy, loving and successful. Well, someday you may have that opportunity.

As a family, we enjoy togetherness. Our family has a gift (for providing) a nonstressful environment for friends who relate as part of the family due to our nonjudgmental attitudes. Ex-husbands contribute their friendship, and grandchildren enjoy a closeness (with the family).

It is the freedom, enjoyed by all, that allows all of our expressions, including the well-written article by the most eligible bachelor of this clean little town of Payson.

Jeanette O'Donnal, Payson

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