Prices Are High Enough Without Restaurant Tax


According to the Feb. 20th Roundup, the Payson Town Council is (considering raising) the restaurant tax as if prices aren't high enough now in order to build a recreation center.

If Taylor Pool is going to be enclosed, and with the existing five indoor basketball courts, do we really need to invest in a new indoor pool and another basketball court? Why can't existing school facilities be used for a "youth center?"

In addition, the council is considering lowering the water requirements on builders, to encourage the development of low-income housing. Do low-income people use less water? We already have water restrictions (during some) summers, and it has been established we are mining water.

If the town cannot adequately supply existing customers, why are we encouraging additional usage via growth?

And lastly, the council has decided to push the plan to cover the event center to the bottom of its priority list. How many more people would be attracted to events, if they did not have to endure the weather?

I, for one, can't wait for the next election.

R.A. Bradford, Payson

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