Stories for January 2001


Monday, January 29

Horace Brawley

Horace Albert Brawley, 93, of Payson, died Jan. 25, 2001, in Payson. He was born Sept. 22, 1907, in Mooresville, N.C.

Rim Country Museum set to unveil dam exhibit

In late March, a new Rim Country Museum exhibit described by museum director Sharesse Von Strauss as 'phenomenal" will begin paying homage to one of the area's most notable historic landmarks: Roosevelt Dam.

Slow down in store parking lots

I was in the Safeway parking lot, and I saw a woman with her child slightly hit by a truck. Yes, there was some snow, but I was under the impression that pedestrians in parking lots have the right of way.

Lady Horns still have a fighting chance at state

A pair of weekend wins over Blue Ridge, 56-32, and Pinnacle, 93-13, have just about ensured the Lady Longhorns a place in the season-ending East regional tournament with an advantageous top-four seed.

Coach's resignation a tragedy for Payson

Was the resignation of Payson High School boy's basketball coach Randy Wilcox the result of a parent crusade?

Marshals capture federal fugitives

Folks around Tonto Basin say that Dave and Sue Smith were quiet people, keeping to themselves for most of the two years they'd lived at the Lazy J RV park.


Dog owners deserve a piece of the park pie

Amber has been driving me crazy with her begging lately. Not for a bite of my steak at dinnertime, though she does that, too. No, this is different. It started when we visited a new doggie park in Scottsdale with my daughter-in-law, granddaughters, and their dog, Buddy.

Small-town girl found laughs, love in big city

It's very possible that Kay Foster has the most beautiful smile in town which makes sense, since she works as the office manager in a dentist's office.

Ms. Ray goes to Washington

Stephanie Ray found out that she would be spending four months in Washington, D.C. the day after her sister accepted a job that would take her from the nation's capital back to Arizona.

'I'd rather speak to a neighbor than talk to a tree'

... Some time ago, the city of Los Angeles wanted to save water, so it exchanged low-use toilets, ones that use 1.5 gallons per flush, for (its citizens') five-gallon per-flush toilets. (That's) a savings of more than three gallons (per flush).

America 'has best politicians money can buy'

Why is it that we Americans always wait until there is a crisis before we do anything about it? I'm referring to California's energy woes. Is this the result of deregulation or don't the energy gurus have the foresight to see the impact on energy by continuous growth?

Learn the rules of the parking lot

The other day, directly after pulling into the Bashas' parking lot, there was a fellow standing in the middle of the lane, staring into space, lost in some daydream or nostalgic memory or temporary coma.

Irene Stockton

Irene Jeannette Stockton, 77, of Phoenix, died Jan. 18, 2001, in Phoenix. She was born Oct. 11, 1923, in Lake Wilson, Minn.

The taxman cometh

Accountants offer advice to help you get ready

Seventy-five days.

Street fight dead ends in Payson subdivision

The mayor abstained, and two owners of one lot voted twice one "yes" and one "no" but when the votes were all counted Monday at Town Hall, residents of the eastern half of Alpine Heights overwhelmingly rejected a proposed local improvement district by an 81-37 margin.

Payson rehab program hits home for retirees

Fran and Ron have been helping others since they moved to the Rim country seven years ago, and now, thanks to the Town of Payson's Housing Rehabilitation Program, they have received some timely assistance themselves.

P&Z commission OKs filling station at cramped intersection

A conditional use permit for a new retail gasoline station at the intersection of Highway 260 and Goodnow Road in the parking lot of the Ponderosa Shopping Center was reluctantly approved Monday by the Town of Payson Planning and Zoning Commission.

Horns win 23rd regional crown

The hoopla and drama that led to the East regional season-ending wrestling clash between state top-ranked Payson and third-rated Snowflake fell by the wayside in the Longhorns 54-9 win.

Wilcox blows whistle on his coaching career

Payson High boys basketball coach Randy Wilcox added his name Thursday to the long list of coaches who have unexpectedly resigned.

Bethel Grumke

Bethel Beatrice "Bea" Grumke, 84, of Young, died Jan. 26, 2001, in Tonto Village. She was born Feb. 15, 1916, in Duke, Okla.

Saturday, January 27

Around the Rim Country

Tinseltown comes to Rim country

What with the national economy trending downward, and with the Rim country's economy being a magnified reflection of that same national economy, what we need to avoid bread and soup lines are some new ways to generate revenue.

Review Feature

What it takes to join the Babysitters' Club

There are two ways to hire a teen-age babysitter. You can blindly enlist the first applicant who comes along and pray for the best.

Thursday, January 25

William Austin

William "Bill" L. Austin, 74, of Payson, died Jan. 21, 2001, in Payson. He was born Dec. 24, 1926, in Hominy, Okla.

John Brooks

John Mason Brooks, 55, of Wichita, Kan. died Jan. 20, 2001.

Dwayne Grumke

Dwayne Floyd Grumke, 66, of Tonto Village, died Jan. 21, 2001, in Tonto Village. He was born Sept. 7, 1934, in Lawton, Okla.

Responsibility key to solving dog problem

People in Payson generally don't like fences. This is open-range country, where cows have the right of way and fences spoil the view.

Parks and Recreation

Youth Tumbling

Due to high demand, we've added a second session for the youth tumbling program. The additional class will meet from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Feb. 12 to March 7. Participants must be in grades K to 6. The fee is $15 per child, and class size is limited to the first 40 participants to sign-up. This class fills quickly, so sign up now.

'Education president' needs a history lesson

The education president?


P-S clubs call for new members

If you need something to do, want to meet some new friends or you just want to get involved in the community, there's plenty of activities in Pine and Strawberry. All of these groups and organizations are actively looking for new members.

New county prosecutor will be tested early

I read with interest your (Jan. 19 report) about Jim Hazel and his zeal for his new position as "Gila county's top legal eagle." I wish him well. He's going to be tested early.


As Valentine's Day approaches, thoughts often turn to romance. And in the world of romance novels, Barbara Cartland is the reigning queen.

Ducks Unlimited to raffle an ATV at fall banquet

Want to win a nice ATV quad?

Cyclists beat path across America

By the time Rene and Jolanda Maasson pedaled into Strawberry, they'd seen 3,000 miles of America from the seats of their bicycles.

Modified school calendar makes sense

I have read all of the articles in the Roundup and have sat through a presentation on the modified school year proposal. After considering the aspects of all the arguments and concerns that were presented, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for us to give our teachers the opportunity to improve the learning process. Keeping the children and teachers focused on developing educational skills by eliminating some of the classroom down time is a very positive thing.

Bush will make America a God-fearing nation

I am grateful that inauguration day went as smoothly as it did. It was degrading enough to witness people of the United States behaving as spoiled brats, throwing tomatoes, eggs, etc. at President Bush's motorcade. And yet, only a few hours before the outgoing president a man who perjured himself and was not entirely truthful to the people of the United States, gets pardoned of any wrongdoings and then pardons so many others like him.

Lady Horns lose East game, 57-50

A quick start during which Snowflake ran over Payson 20-11 allowed the Lady Lobos to escape the Rim country with a 57-50 East regional victory Tuesday evening.

'Looking for the bad, you'll never find the good'

Recently, in your newspaper, I read a comment on how kids are irresponsible in their acts at the theater.

Deadline draws near for Hashknife delivery

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stay this year's Hashknife riders from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

2000 Credit for Kids total close to previous year

Final Credit for Kids figures are in for 2000, and a strong December following a slow start pushed the Phoenix Union School District total to $142,212 almost reaching the $145,117 donated in 1999.

Hearing set for Haught resentencing

Star Valley businessman Roy George Haught, who was convicted in 1999 of negligent homicide and aggravated assault, heads back to court next month to find out if he'll be sent to prison or granted a new trial.

Council drops job requirements for Sky Park lots

People who want to buy town-owned lots in the Sky Park Subdivision near Payson Municipal Airport won't have to prove they're bringing jobs to town.

Sandra Neff

Sandra "Sandi" J. Neff, of Payson, died Jan. 22, 2001, in Payson. She was born April 25, 1941, in Chicago, Ill. and was the owner of LaCasa Pequeestaurant in Payson.

Horns prepare for showdown on the mat against Aztec

The mother of all mat wars will pit two of the country's most accomplished wrestling programs against one another in an intense showdown this weekend.

Longhorn boys lose to Snowflake, 69-49

A 69-49 loss to Snowflake Tuesday evening in Wilson Dome extended the Longhorn boys basketball team's East region losing skid to six games. The Lobos' 20-point victory margin, however, is not indicative of how hotly contested the game was.

Lyons king of new jungle

Safeway manager to transfer to Fountain Hills

From courtesy clerk to store manager, Dave Lyons has spent 28 years moving up the ladder of the Safeway corporation.

Monday, January 22

Scouting in Rim country stronger than ever

Since 1977, I have watched Payson's Scouting program grow by leaps and bounds. Those who have been involved in Scouting, either as youths or as adults, know that it can provide a wonderful sense of belonging and accomplishment.

PHS senior moved by the muse

High school correspondent takes talent to the stage

Jennifer Mullins isn't sure what she wants to do when she gets out of college, but she hopes it has something to do with writing.

Stakes high at benefit steak dinner

For more than a decade, monthly $5 benefit steak dinners held at local schools have helped fund cash-strapped extracurricular activities.

In step with the Irish

Dance class comes with bit o' the blarney

The last time Kathleen Kelley was in Ireland, she was told, "Kathleen, you'll not be kissing the blarney stone, you've got too much of it already."

Young D.J. isn't leaving his dreams up in the air

Jason Cupp is 22 years old.

William Austin

William "Bill" J. Austin, 74, of Payson, died Jan. 21, 2001, in Payson. He was born Dec. 24, 1926, in Hominy, Okla.

Please, pick up after pets in ballpark

I am a softball player and play with the senior ball team. We play on Tuesdays in Apache Junction. We use Rumsey Park to hold our practices four mornings a week.

Horns place third at Van Horn meet

As it was billed, the 11th Annual Tim Van Horn Invitational Tournament turned into a stirring mat war that pitted some of the best wrestling teams in the state against one another.

Runaway teenager found safe in Mazatzals

A 16-year-old Chilean boy was returned safely to his group Monday morning after spending a cold night lost in the Mazatzals.

Payson police officer moonlighting on state community college board

As a detective for the Payson Police Department, Steve Johnson of Payson is accustomed to spending long hours studying clues and conducting research.

Meetings set to poll parents on new school calendar plan

Parents can learn about a proposed school calendar change and tell Payson educators what they think about the plan which would add two mid-session recesses and shorten the summer vacation to nine weeks tonight (Tuesday) during the first of six public information meetings.

Haught defense requests new trial

Payson attorney Arthur Lloyd filed a motion Jan. 11 to throw out the negligent homicide and aggravated assault convictions against his client Roy George Haught of Star Valley, claiming that newly discovered facts warrant a new trial.


As you can imagine, the first of the year is a busy time for the fitness industry. New Year's resolutions bring many new converts into the world of health, and fitness. And every year, those of us who write about these things like to take the opportunity to tell people why living healthy throughout the year should be at the top of their resolution list.


Bomb shelter blew holes in neighborhood friendship

Memory is a funny thing. An experience, words uttered, the features of someone's face can all be buried under layers of time. Then an aroma, a song or a faded photo can pop it into sharp focus.

Payson woman to celebrate 100th birthday

It's not every day that someone celebrates their 100th birthday, but that's what Aurelia Key Bennett Ray of Payson will be doing Jan. 30.

LaCasa owner found dead

Sandra Jean Neff, 59, was found dead in her home on north Beeline Highway Monday night. The Payson Fire Department was called to the home at 6 p.m.

Highway traffic delays expected this week

New restrictions and closures on Highway 260 will delay motorists by about 15 minutes through Friday, Jan. 26.

Council turns focus to town's future

Payson's 2001 Focused Future Plan a document that represents a consensus among town, business and community leaders on how to proceed with the promotion of economic development tops the agenda for the Payson Town Council meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 6 at Town Hall.

Win a quad from Ducks Unlimited

Teachers and students in several Rim country classrooms will reap the financial rewards of an upcoming Ducks Unlimited raffle.

Horns head into crucial four-game finale

The state tournament fate of the Longhorn boys basketball hinges on the outcome of four East region games to be played during the next four days.

Rising property taxes pushing retirees out of Payson area

The Jan. 16 issue of the Roundup had a front-page article by Mike Burkett, entitled "Affordable housing project on the move." The developer, Steve Iverson and the project's real estate broker Ray Pugel, left out one big important item: what is the Gila County property tax going to be on each home? Property owners in Gila County know that taxes are rocketing upward. The past tax bills show this.

'Please, no impact fees'

My wife and I are small-business people here in Payson. Our business is residential rentals. We invested here because the people are very friendly and warm and kind, (and) the climate is mostly very pleasant. Payson is movie-quality a nice place to say (you're from).

Doctors shouldn't do all the talking

You're not feeling good so you make an appointment to see your doctor. During the examination, you simply answer the questions that the doctor asks, and you're on your way. Good visit, right?

America's fight continues for right to vote and be heard

I would like to comment about the affair in Florida, i.e. the failure to count the military overseas votes in November. I just completed reading a three-volume biography by Bruce Catton about General U.S. Grant.

National anthem: Remembering the words and the meaning

During the presidential inaugural ceremonies, cameras zoomed in closely on political leaders and their families as they sang our national anthem.

John Matus

John L. Matus, 89, of Christopher Creek, died Jan. 17, 2001, at his home. He was born Feb. 8, 1911, in Cannonsberg, Pa.

Boyd Lindsey

Boyd Eugene Lindsey, 79, of Tonto Basin, died Jan. 18, 2001, in Payson. He was born July 20, 1921, to William Edgar and Violet Young Lindsey in Arrington, Kan.

Saturday, January 20

Around the Rim Country

Fried bird rises from the ashes

If you're even a casual observer of the dance of life, you'll appreciate what The Darwin Awards are designed to do for the future wellbeing of the world.

Review Feature

Super Bowl presents a challenge for the super novice

As everyone outside of my immediate world knows, the Super Bowl will unfold across America's big-screen TV landscape this Sunday.

Thursday, January 18

Thomas Young

Thomas Richard "Dick" Young, 86, of Payson, died Jan. 15, 2001, in Scottsdale, Ariz. He was born May 5, 1914, in Knoxville, Ark.

Parks and Recreation

Youth Tumbling

A few openings are available for the youth tumbling program, held from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays and Wednesdays, Feb. 12 through March 7. Participants must be in grades K to 6. The fee is $15 per child, and class size is limited to the first 40 participants to sign up. This class fills quickly, so sign up now.

Pirches reel in first-place win at AllStar Bass

Competing for the first time as a team, newlyweds Clifford and Alicia Pirch fished their way to a first-place finish at the AllStar Bass Couples tournament contested Saturday at Apache Lake. For the win, the Pirches pocketed $2,405 in prize money.

Paul Strumpfer

Paul Strumpfer, 78, of Payson, died Jan. 17, 2001, in Payson. He was born Nov. 30, 1922, in Mt. Clemens, Mich.

Couple's involvement 'possibly heroic'

Kelly and Cindy Owens provided Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Mike Strohmeyer with valued assistance at a collision that occurred on Christmas day at mile post 225 on the Beeline Highway near Slate Creek.

Group helps the grieving discover life after death

"In our society, we don't talk about grief," says Allyson Danielson. "People tend to act as if the death didn't occur. No one has been taught how to process the grief." But that's where Danielson and Jo Sanders can help.

Legal eagle out to change court system

Nearly three weeks into the job as Gila county's top legal eagle, newly elected County Attorney Jim Hazel said he's "working hard, and having a lot of fun.

Two soccer stars named to All-State second team

Payson High School boys soccer team standouts Branden Peters and Karri Liikkanen have been named to the All-State second team and seven others have received All-Conference honors.

Chamber out to conquer Rim's ecotourism frontier

Every day, guides lead groups of tourists on a strenuous trek deep into the dense forests of Uganda. People trudge through thick, barbed vegetation for three hours for the chance to get a glimpse of the rare and elusive mountain gorilla.

Longhorns host Van Horn

Highland looks for fourth win

Payson High School home of Arizona's No. 1 ranked Class 3A wrestling squad is set to host several of the state's elite 5A "big school" teams this weekend at the Tim Van Horn Memorial Wrestling Tournament.

Puzzled by parable; perhaps Truman is key to code

Re Richard Wentz's "God save the 'king' and his subjects," I spent an unwarranted amount of time reading, and rereading this parable. I was trying to understand what Mr. Wentz had so cleverly hidden in his dense puzzle. Finally I broke the code and decided he was referring to President Harry Truman.

'Respect earns respect'

In response to the caller that phoned into "What's Up" in last Friday's paper, we would like to say, "Weren't you ever a kid yourself?"

Student opposed to modified calendar proposal

I am a sixth-grade student at Rim Country Middle School. I would like to offer my opinion in the new prospect of a possible (modified calendar) schedule.

RPS driver always 'had a friendly smile'

I read your story about Ron Bozzi, the RPS driver who died in an unfortunate traffic accident Thursday. Ron has delivered packages to businesses and residences in the Payson area for several years.

Even leaders make mistakes

Thursday's disclosure that the Rev. Jesse Jackson fathered a daughter outside of marriage should be weighed carefully.

Viola Stark

Viola Marie Stark, 89, of Tonto Basin, died Jan. 16, 2001, in Tonto Basin. She has lived in Tonto Basin since 1987.

Choice of leaders a sad state of affairs

The kingdom is probably better off with the King of Id than the Jester of Id. But what a sad kingdom that is to have the choices for its leader to be a buffoon or a bad joke.

Cecil Neal

Cecil Lee Neal, 85, of Payson, died Jan. 16, 2001, in Payson. He was born Sept. 10, 1915, in Wheeler, Ark.

Ethel Duerre

Ethel M. Duerre, 92, of Payson, died Jan. 15, 2001, in Payson. She was born Aug. 28, 1908, in Davenport, Iowa.


A tip of the cap ... hat ... whatever

A cap has a visor; a hat has a brim around the crown. A hat is not a cap; a cap is not a hat. Both cover the head.

Local man raising money for relief trip

Rim country resident Randy Roberson hopes to leave for El Salvador in the next few days to coordinate a $1.3-million shipment of medical supplies and equipment for the victims of the earthquake that struck that country last week.

Road work paves way to business opportunities

County to consider park addition

The Gila County Board of Supervisors will meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23 at the courthouse in Globe to consider a request to rezone the Creekview RV Park in Christopher Creek to allow the addition of two mobile home spaces.

Writer's movie now playing in video stores

Movies buffs interested in mystery-thrillers will find a new flick in video stores this week "The Stepdaughter" written by Payson resident Sue Dolan.

Local Web providers to uncork bottleneck

For a while, it seemed that cybersurfers all over the world could easily get on the Internet unless they lived in Payson.

Tanner Saber Mansoor

Tanner Saber Mansoor was born Dec. 14, 2000, to Bill and Margaret Mansoor.

Lee Terrell

Lee L. Terrell, 85, of Payson, died Jan. 15, 2001, in Payson. He was born Nov. 17, 1915, in Valonia, Ark.

East conference realignment woes continue

The on-going realignment of the 3A conference won't be finalized until a Feb. 23 meeting of state high school athletic directors. As it appears now, the East region will include just six teams Snowflake, Show Low, Blue Ridge, Round Valley, Alchesay and Payson.

Girl battling cancer seeks last-ditch cure

Five-year-old Ashley Allen, who has undergone more than half a dozen surgeries and procedures to treat brain cancer, will undergo one more.

Monday, January 15

Payson wrestlers take aim at 23rd regional crown

With only two East contests remaining on the 2001 agenda tomorrow (Wednesday) in Wilson Dome against Holbrook and Jan. 24 in Snowflake the state top-ranked Payson Longhorns are on the verge of nailing down the school's 23rd regional wrestling championship.

Artist's legacy will live on

Payson lost a wonderful citizen and I lost a wonderful friend when God took Hugo DiZinno home to be with his beloved Maria.

Be careful what you wish for

We should be careful what we wish for, because if our wish is granted, it may not be what we hoped for.

We can help a boy without judging him

A week before Christmas, a local 14-year-old boy named Justin lost half his left hand when the homemade explosive he was playing with detonated. His family was without medical insurance.

Winter planning for spring planting

One of the true pleasures of winter is relaxing in front of a roaring fire without having to worry about all the landscaping and gardening chores that consume so much time in the summer.


'2001's' vision of future way off the mark

Seems like just a blink ago that everyone was talking about the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Apache Junction resident injured at Tonto Natural Bridge

An Apache Junction man was injured when he slipped and fell while walking on rocks below the Tonto Natural Bridge late Monday afternoon.

New beacon lights way to Payson Airport

Electircally speaking, everything's up to date at Payson Airport where a new, state-of-the-art beacon was installed Monday, along with a massive generator capable of providing the airport with all of its electricity needs in the event of a power outtage.

Students returning from ski trip slide off road in bus

A bus carrying 40 Payson High School students and seven chaperones slid off the snow-packed Beeline Highway north of Strawberry Monday while the group was returning from a three-day ski trip to Durango, Colo. The driver was able to maneuver the bus back on the road, and stopped in Strawberry to put snow chains on the vehicle.

Sawmill shops filling up fast

Two thirds of the retail space in Sawmill Crossing's main entertainment-shopping complex is now contractually occupied.

Genealogical Society to put down roots

The Northern Gila County Genealogical Society took an important step toward achieving a permanent home Monday when the Payson Planning and Zoning Commission granted the nonprofit corporation a conditional use permit to build a new facility on the southwest corner of Colcord Road and Bonita Drive.

Affordable housing project on the move

It's all systems go for a planned 91-lot affordable housing project in Star Valley, where the developers are "shooting for prices under $90,000," according to the real estate broker in charge of sales.

Ernest Wood

Ernest J. Wood, 88, of Gisela, died Jan. 4, 2001. He was born to Thomas and Emily (Whittaker) Wood April 1, 1912, in Canute, Okla.

Long live the king

I read "Horizons" by Richard Wentz in the Jan. 5 edition of the Roundup. I am glad to see this editorial published because I can agree with the views that he has expressed.

Wanda Pruitt

Wanda Belle Pruitt, 82, of Payson, died Jan. 15, 2001. She was born April 21, 1918, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and had lived in Arizona for the past 50 years.

Albert Dunham

Albert Eugene Dunham, 89, of Payson, died Jan. 14, 2001. He was born Sept. 6, 1911, in Cochise, Ariz. and had lived in Arizona for the past 10 years.

Alice Caddes

Alice Olive Caddes, 87, of Santa Rosa, Calif., died Dec. 31, 2000, in Santa Rosa.

Elmer Caddes

Elmer Ellsworth Caddes, 88, of Santa Rosa, Calif., died Sept. 26, 2000, in Santa Rosa.

Registration begins for Little League

Registration for play in Payson Little League begins Jan. 18 and will continue on Jan. 20 and 27.

Youth basketball match planned

North American Youth Sports announced that they will hold their spring youth basketball tournament March 30 through April 1 at South Mountain High School.

PHS students beat the stock market

PHS students beat the stock market

While they wouldn't recommend buying stock in Ed Debevic's '50s diner in Phoenix, a group of 15 Payson High School students thoroughly enjoyed having lunch there last Thursday.

From briefs to beef: Lawyer is at home on the range

When he's not defending his clients in court or preparing briefs at his Payson law office, attorney Art Lloyd can be found at home on the range of his 1,000 acre range in Lakeview, Ore.

Snow forces game delays

Snowy weather in the Rim country Friday and Saturday forced rescheduling of several prep basketball clashes. Among those were Payson High boys and girls basketball games against Round Valley Friday evening and Saturday against Show Low. The weekend games were to be contested in Wilson Dome. Due to hazardous road conditions, a mutual agreement to postpone was made between officials in Payson, Show Low and Round Valley.

Thankful for our school system

I would like to express my thanks to the community for allowing me to serve in the capacity of school board member for the Payson Unified School District. I found it an honor and a pleasure to serve the community in this capacity. The experience proved invaluable in the learning it provided me as a community member and parent of children attending our public school system.

Saturday, January 13

Review Feature

Middle age fitness: Pumping up or pooping out?

"Look at yourself," say my sweaty, out-of-breath friends in their color-coordinated, major-brand-name exercise suits.

Around the Rim Country

Payson takes a whipping from the Republic

It's become a December tradition, something you can count on to give the lustrous holiday season in the Rim country just the slightest hint of tarnish.

Thursday, January 11

King Day closures

Monday, Jan. 15 is a federal holiday honoring slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Lillian Benzinger

Lillian Melissa Benzinger, 89, of Payson, died Jan. 1, 2001, in Payson.

Thelma First

Thelma Mae First, 79, of Tonto Basin, died Dec. 28, 2000, in Payson.

Shooter's sentencing postponed fourth time

Convicted police shooter Lenny Kizzar evaded sentencing for the fourth time Thursday this time because his defense attorney is now Gila County's lead prosecutor.

Young hunter downs first elk from 525 yards away

A decade ago, a pair of bullseye shots fired from 525 yards away by a 12-year-old would have been a tough tale for most any outdoorsman to believe.

Unwinding Houston Mesa Road

Road realignment receives approval

Unless an appeal puts the kibosh on the plan, Houston Mesa Road is due for realignment and reconstruction from the first crossing to the third crossing of East Verde River.

Delivery driver killed in tanker collision

Scottsdale resident Ronald Bozzi, 58, died Thursday morning when his delivery van rear-ended a gasoline tanker on Highway 87 north of Rye.

Library begins new chapter

Town breaks ground on modern library building at Rumsey Park

"Dreams do come true," Library Friends President Judy Buettner told an overflow crowd of at least 150 at the groundbreaking for the town's new public library Thursday.

Council OKs rodeo seating for disabled

The Payson Town Council voted unanimously to add handicapped seating to the Payson Event Center to bring that facility into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act at its meeting Thursday evening at Town Hall.

Chamber OKs new board members

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce has officially filled the two vacant seats on its newly revamped board of directors.

Horns finish second at Estancia

Silver-medal finish Payson's first loss of the season

When Payson High School wrestling coaches opted out of the Bolsa Grande, Calif. Invitational Tournament two years ago, they reasoned the move was to find better competition for their charges.

Artist's passion filled a great gap in the community

I was saddened to read about the recent death of Hugo DiZinno, who did so much to promote the culture and appreciation of art in Payson.

Lady Horns face crucial weekend games

The Payson High School girls basketball team is gearing up for two of the toughest games of the season this weekend when they take on Round Valley and Show Low.

Sellers, Hatch to wed

Carla Rebecca Sellers and Cameron Wade Hatch will be married Saturday, Jan. 13, in the Baton Rouge Mormon Temple.

John Reinhardt

John A. (Jack) Reinhardt, 70, of Payson, died Jan. 10, 2001, in Payson.

Name-the-restaurant contest 'was surely different'

It was with disbelief that I read the notice in the paper about "Fargo's."

Pipeline to Pine unfair to residents of Strawberry

We have been in Strawberry since the early '70s. It is astounding news to hear we have an excess of water to put in a reservoir (and a pipeline to Pine).

Payson soldier launches clothing drive for Kosovo

I am a sergeant in the United States Army serving in Kosovo on a peacekeeping mission. I was a Payson resident and graduated from Payson High School in 1995 before joining the army.

Nothing will protect Payson from the whims of Wall Street

I have news for you. There is no way to "protect Payson against the whims of Wall Street." Or, more accurately, against the flow of the national economy.

Library built on hard work, perseverance

Ceremonial shovels sliced into the ground at Rumsey Park Thursday to celebrate the construction of Payson's new library building.

Haught case sent back to Gila County for resentencing

The Arizona Supreme Court sent the case of Roy George Haught back to the local superior court last week, when it passed on the motion for reconsideration filed last winter by the Gila County Attorney's Office.

'Most Wanted' suspect returning to Texas for trial

Stephen Edward Tatro signed the extradition papers Tuesday that will allow authorities to return him to Texas where he will stand trial for the December 1997 murder of his business partner, Daniel Duran.

Council gives building board power to review impact fee costs

When the Payson Town Council voted Thursday night to expand the Building Advisory Board from five to seven members and to increase that body's responsibilities to include reviewing and making recommendations for revising development codes, it began addressing an issue that has been festering among the development community for some time.

Registration begins for town league

Roster cuts is the most gut-wrenching decision youth coaches must make.

Monday, January 8

Cruising speed

Club keeps car lovers young at heart

"We have three questions before we allow you into our organization," said Larry Bertram, president of the Rim Country Classic Auto Club. "Do you like cars? Do you like people? Do you have $15 to pay the annual dues?

State funding fix spells relief for local schools

The passage of Proposition 301 by Arizona voters last November is supposed to bail out the state's faltering education system by providing an extra $445 million for teachers' salaries, building repairs, school maintenance and a host of other programs and initiatives and the moment of truth is close at hand.

Matilda Ambrose

Matilda "Tillie" Ambrose, 75, of Rye, Ariz. died Jan. 8, 2001, in Payson. She was born Dec. 14, 1925, in Patterson, N.J. and had lived in Arizona since 1977.

Star athlete finds inspiration in family tree

School athletic career began in kindergarten

Over the years, Reanna Martinez has made a name for herself among Rim country sports figures as a stellar athlete, and as a senior, she now has at least two major colleges offering her full-ride scholarships.

High country due for more snow this week

More snow is coming to the high country, but motorists traveling on the state highway system in northern Arizona will have more aids for the snowfall months of January through March.

Pave an open road for our minds

I once had a small car that would only run properly when it was being driven every day. If I left it in the garage over the weekend, it would be difficult to start Monday morning and would run sluggish until it hit the open road. It seemed as though the car just loved to do what it was made for.

'We must not lose our vision to improve student achievement'

After two administrations of the high school AIMS test, we are now aware that student achievement levels are not where we would like them to be. While the results are disappointing, they also provide us with invaluable information about the need to strengthen curriculum and instruction in our schools.

Registration begins for Grand Canyon Games

With last fall's crowing of the Tonto Apache Track and Field teams as the Grand Canyon Games Athletes of the Year, the local squad will be serving as goodwill ambassadors at future events.

Horns basketball continues campaign for state finals

It's out of the fryin' pan and into the fire for the Payson High boys basketball team.

Discarding building codes is not the answer

It's so good to be home. We just returned from an extended trip throughout California. Now there's a place in trouble. It tickled me to read the editorial in the Payson Roundup of Jan. 5.

Restaurant contest was 'dirty pool'

Open letter to Doug Brackin and Jeff Seivert:

The election is over; stop the rhetoric

The further I read into the "Horizons" column of Jan. 5, the angrier I became. Professor Wentz certainly reflects Webster's definition No. four of an academic: "Learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or practicality."

All great things begin with a thought or idea

A new year is a time of contemplation and rethinking lives and deciding what we wish to accomplish for the future. It is a time of looking back over the last year and asking ourselves what we can do to improve our lives and the lives of our families.

Della Schlecht

Della Martha Schlecht, 79, of Tonto Basin, Ariz. died Jan. 1, 2001, in Tonto Basin. She was born Nov. 12, 1921, to John and Josie Surrett on their ranch near Mayer, Ariz.

Maxine Hagood

Maxine Hagood, 77, of Payson, died at her home Dec. 15, 2000. She was born May 18, 1923, to John and Hazel Fales Tubridy in Orleans, Neb.

Emma Boyle

Emma Naomi McKnight Boyle, 101, of Payson, Ariz., died Jan. 4, 2001. She was born Sept. 4, 1899, in Enid, Okla. When she was 5 years old, she and her family traveled from Colorado to Oklahoma in a covered wagon.

Edna Blake

Edna Irene Blake, 80, of Pine, died Jan. 5, 2001 in Pine. She was born Nov. 6, 1920, in Kent County (Chatham) Ontario, Canada.

Crappie biting at Roosevelt

Word out of Roosevelt Lake is the crappie fishing is heating up.

Council asked to re-evaluate impact fees

The Payson Town Council will consider taking a pro-active approach to the issue of excessive building impact fees and regulations at its 5:30 p.m. meeting Thursday, Jan. 11 at Town Hall.

School calendar change draws packed house

People crowded into the Payson School Board meeting room Monday and lined up on the sidewalk outside the door to find out how the board plans to change the school calendar and trim the budget for the 2001-2002 school year.

'America's Most Wanted' suspect caught near Young

Deputies from the Gila County Sheriff's Department arrested Stephen E. Tatro in Young Monday morning, just nine days after his profile was featured on the Fox TV program "America's Most Wanted."

Pony Express riders carry on tradition

"When you're riding a horse at full gallop, carrying the U.S. mail, you feel like you've been transported back in time," says Valley resident Dave Alford, trail boss for the 43rd annual Hashknife Pony Express run.


Fear fuels mother's controlling behavior

Recently, I was asked to write an article on "learning to let go" by a reader whose mother has a tendency to be in a continual state of panic, worrying about her adult childrens' lives. I thought this would be a good topic for the beginning of the new year.


Theory of Relativity defines volatile forces of nature

During the holidays just past, I had an opportunity to further develop my Theory of Relativity. I know, Einstein has been there and done that, but mine is different.

New grant writer brings big-ticket items within reach

New grant writer brings big-ticket items within reach

Payson Fire Chief John Ross says his department needs a hook and ladder truck to fight second-story blazes.

Teens arrested on drug charges

A routine traffic stop for speeding Saturday afternoon led to the arrest of two Chandler teenagers on various drug charges.

Hugo DiZinno

Hugo DiZinno, 86, of Payson, died Jan. 6, 2001, at home in Payson. He was born Nov. 29, 1914, in Cleveland, Ohio. He lived in Wexford, Pa. before moving in 1979 to Arizona.

Saturday, January 6

Around the Rim Country

Rim country: The place with less stuff

I've never been big on New Year's resolutions. But now that the last bowl game has been played and the holiday decorations packed away, I'm left with the nagging thought that it's all become too complicated to enjoy.

Review Feature

Hercules unchained

Parents always expect the worst. When their child takes two minutes longer than usual to return from school, they automatically assume something horrible has happened.

Thursday, January 4


Club database goes up in smoke

While working away on my annual "who wants to do what, where and when" column, my computer broke, sending smoke billowing into the air in angry protest. Then the dog ate my homework.

Dorothy Gillespie

Dorothy Fulton Keipp Gillespie, 93, of Payson, Ariz. died Jan. 3. She was born April 26, 1907 in Shelby, Ohio and moved to Payson from Phoenix in 1972.

Electricity sparked New Year's fire

Fire investigators determined Thursday that an electrical malfunction started the fire Monday that destroyed Realtor Jim Young's garage, sent him to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and caused an estimated $250,000 in damages.

Cardboard spill boxes in traffic

A truck transporting a load of cardboard to a recycling mill rolled Wednesday in Christopher Creek, scattering cardboard bundles along Highway 260 and boxing in traffic.

Parks and Recreation

7/8 Grade Basketball

Registration for 7th- and 8th-grade basketball will be held Jan. 8 to 19. Entry fee is $20 per child. The fee includes a T-shirt and a team pizza party. Games will be played on Saturdays and some weeknights beginning in mid-February and ending by March 31.

2000 Big Fish of the Year entries still being accepted

The Arizona Game and Fish Department will still be accepting 2000 Big Fish of the Year entries through Jan. 31.

'A youth center is a must'

In response to Andy Sergent.

'If I can hear your dog barking all night, can't you?'

This is a plea to fellow residents of my neighborhood. As I believe many of my neighbors must be deaf, print may be my only chance of reaching them!

School change would be to modified schedule, not year-round

The front page of Tuesday's paper had a headline referring to a year-round school schedule for the Payson School District. The information was premature at best.

Protect Payson against whims of Wall Street

For several years, members of Payson's business community have been sounding an alarm an alarm that, until recently, fell on deaf ears at Town Hall.

Della Schlecht

Della Martha Schlecht, 79, of Tonto Basin, died Jan. 1, 2001, in Tonto Basin. She was born Nov. 12, 1921, in Mayer, Ariz.

Charles Ruf

Charles "Bud" O. Ruf, 91, of Payson, died Dec. 28, 2000, in Payson. He was born Aug. 28, 1909 in Nogales, Ariz.

William Husband

William Edgar Husband, 79, of Payson, Ariz. died Jan. 1, 2001, in Payson. He was born Aug. 30, 1921, in Scranton, Pa.


Groundbreaking ceremony set for new library building

Editor's note: The Roundup is pleased to introduce the following monthly column on library and Library Friends happenings. Shelf Life, written by Library Friends of Payson member Carol Zebb, will appear in the Roundup the first Friday of every month, and will feature a list of the Payson Public Library's top-10 new book releases selected by the library's director, Terry Morris.

Madagascar clothing drive put into motion

The clothing drive for the children of the African island of Madagascar, organized by Rim country residents Norm Tucker and Howard Shurtleff, is now under way.

Investigators suspect drugs caused snow plow collision

Syringes and illicit drugs were found in the truck that Mark P. Murro III of Chandler was driving Dec. 13 when he crossed the center line on Highway 260 and collided with a snow plow, a Department of Public Safety officer said Thursday.

Food drive 'wins' in restaurant contest

Nearly 500 people entered 2,000 names in a local name-the-restaurant contest to try to win $500, but the winning inspiration, "Fargo's," wasn't among them.

Boys and Girls Club would be good for Payson

As you know, the people in the town are trying to raise money for a Boys and Girls Club.

Gym to move, add swimming pool

Racquetball courts to close for now

While his clients upgrade their bodies and relocate their lumps, Payson Athletic Club owner Keven Rush is preparing to upgrade and relocate his business.

School board moving slowly on calendar modification

The Payson School Board will discuss changing Payson's school calendar Monday, but it won't vote on the issue at its 5:30 p.m. meeting Monday, Jan. 8.

Smaller budget may force school staff cuts

With decision time just two months away, the Payson Unified School District is in the process of taking a careful look at possible ways to address a projected budget shortfall with minimal impact on students.

Horns head west to Estancia competition

Wrestling is a grueling sport that tests the physical agility of its competitors. The rewards of the sport come at the end of a season, when the athlete can look back on his accomplishment and say, "I did it. I'm a champion."


One year ago, the new millennium opened with a bang when the Payson High School wrestling team grappled its way to a fifth consecutive state championship.

Gas prices rise, fall on free enterprise

The mail call of Dec. 22 under "Payson businesses lacking Christmas spirit" mentioned gasoline prices in Payson. According to the business section of the Santa Barbara News Press of Sunday Oct. 15 of this year, the primary reason, as energy companies control the market, is "red lining" or "zone pricing."


There was this king who lived in a country where kings are elected which is probably a very silly way to select a king, or a queen for that matter.

Monday, January 1

Gordon Flack

Gordon Steve Flack, 72, of Payson, Ariz. died Dec. 30, 2000 in Payson. He was born Oct. 26, 1928 in Phoenix, Ariz. Mr. Flack was a truck driver.

School board to consider year-round schedule

A modified school calendar that would essentially put students in the classroom year-round is up for consideration by the Payson Unified School District board of education at its meeting 5:30 p.m., Jan. 8. at the district office.


Retail pioneer gone but not forgotten

This week, I had intended to write about the new year and all its untarnished promise. But instead, I'm going to deliver a eulogy for an old friend.

Charles Neigh

Dr. Charles Edgar Neigh, 79, of Pine, Ariz. died Dec. 29, 2000 in Pine, Ariz. He was born March 29, 1921 in Vandergrift, Pa.

Albert Tucker

Albert S. Tucker, 93, of Payson, Ariz. died Dec. 27, 2000, in Mesa, Ariz. He was born in Wellington, Kan. Mr. Tucker was a carpenter.

Bobby West

Bobby West, 55, of Payson, Ariz. died Dec. 27, 2000. He was born Feb. 6, 1945 in Alabama City, Ala.

Year-round school deserves a closer look

On Monday, January 8, the Payson Unified School District board of education will meet to discuss a proposed year-round school calendar. If adopted, the summer break would be shortened by about a month, and additional two-week breaks would be added during the year. The total number of school days would remain the same, at 178.

Graduation should be for all students, not an elite few

I was pleased to hear others are in agreement about the unnecessary inclusion of scholarship recipients in the high school graduation ceremony.

Runaway growth is a cancer

Going through the issues of the Roundup that had accumulated while I was away from Payson for a number of weeks, I came across the letter from one Robert Ware stating that he took umbrage at my letter concerning what I called our local "growth-at-any-cost gang."

Street improvement push could set a dangerous precedent

In regard to the proposed street repairs in Alpine Heights, I would like to make the following comments.

Hardwood Horns end 2-1 at Yvonne Johnson Memorial Tournament

After watching its East region record fall to 2-3 with back-to-back losses to Blue Ridge (57-34) and Snowflake (93-38), the Longhorn boys basketball's listing ship righted itself at the Yvonne Johnson Memorial Tournament.

Horns resume winter sports campaign

After taking a brief holiday recess, Payson High School winter sports teams are about to return to action.

Lady Horns finish 2-for-2 at invitational

The Payson High School varsity girls basketball team hosted the Payson Invitational Tournament Thursday and Friday. The Horns had a 2-2 tournament record, losing their last game 62-60 in the final seconds despite having a substantial lead throughout.

Museum director plans to showcase skills with new full-time position

Since August 1996, when Sharesse Von Strauss was named part-time director of the Rim Country Museum, she has regularly clocked in 50-hour work weeks.

Youth Transition Program helps teen carve out promising career

There was a time a few years ago when teenagers like Mario Mendoza would have had few options but to drop out of school.

The news that made headlines in the Rim country's year of Y2K

It was hard to know what to expect from a year that began with a fizzle.

Burton Brown

Burton Andrew Brown, 30, of Rye, Ariz. died Dec. 29, 2000 in Rye. He was born Feb. 26, 1970 in Miami, Ariz.

Realtor's garage, two vehicles scorched in late-night blaze

Payson's new year started not with a bang, but with a fire resulting in the loss of a garage and all its contents, including two vehicles.

13-year-old student found with cocaine

A 13-year-old student from the Rim Country Middle School was suspended from school right before Christmas and faces possible expulsion for allegedly selling cocaine to her classmates.

Gerald Farmer

Gerald "Bud" Farmer, 80, of Payson, Ariz. died Dec. 30, 2000 in Payson. He was born June 29, 1920 in Gallup, N.M.