Runaway Growth Is A Cancer


Going through the issues of the Roundup that had accumulated while I was away from Payson for a number of weeks, I came across the letter from one Robert Ware stating that he took umbrage at my letter concerning what I called our local "growth-at-any-cost gang."

Mr. Ware set up a straw man and then proceeded to knock it down. I personally know of no one who would like for all growth of Payson to cease or who would stop it if he or she were in a position to do so.

Rather, I think those who feel as I do find a reasonable rate of growth not only acceptable but to some degree beneficial, provided it is compatible with the town's water supply prospects and with preservation of our wonderful environmental qualities. We do feel, however, that runaway growth is a cancer with quite destructive results.

I stand by my view that the group that I call the "growth-at-any-cost gang" secured the kind of overwhelming town council majority in the last election that it desired. I think several of the councilmembers do support growth with little regard for detrimental effects, while the others with one exception, have a generally growth-is-good mindset.

(Members of) the latter group, of course, are not lining their pocket at the expense of the citizens, but their pro-growth votes can definitely benefit those in Payson whose primary interest, in my opinion, is personal enrichment, most of whom, including several key leaders, are not town councilmembers.

Mr. Ware would have one believe that everyone who runs for local office in Payson and elsewhere is a completely selfless individual, totally dedicated to community betterment. I think he is far too intelligent to believe that himself unless he has been in a coma or on some other planet for the past several decades.

In my more than 70 years, many of which have been spent in and around governments at the local, state and federal levels, I have encountered only one such individual, and he was truly a one-of-a-kind secular saint.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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