Street Improvement Push Could Set A Dangerous Precedent


In regard to the proposed street repairs in Alpine Heights, I would like to make the following comments.

First it is my impression that street repairs are part of the reason that we pay taxes to the town. It is not fair to even consider having the homeowners pay these costs, even half of the cost. When this area was developed, the streets were dedicated to the town with the understanding that the town would maintain them. That is one of the reasons we pay taxes to the town. The fact that the Heights is one of the more wealthy parts of the town is not justification for having them do this.

It was mentioned in the (Dec. 15 Roundup) that the mayor went around with a petition for this work to be done with the residents paying half of the cost. It was also mentioned that the town attorney (said this) was not a conflict of interest. It may not be a conflict, but it is certainly unethical, to say the least.

After all, the mayor has unique power just by the fact of his office. It's OK for him to sign the petition and to talk it up as a resident of the area. His taking part in the petition drive is not fair to the people who would not sign it if he were not the carrier of the petition. His participation is no doubt the reason his and Mr. Carr's petitions had differing numbers of signers.

This is also a good example of gerrymandering for political advantage.

Mr. Underkofler's part in this is also a cause for concern. He is the town manager, and in my opinion, should not be a part of this kind of action. This action, if approved, would be starting a dangerous precedent for all homeowners in the Town of Payson.

It is a fact that most people in town could not afford this expense. A lot of us are on fixed incomes and could not hope to come up with the kind of money mentioned, so I guess the streets will just have to go back to dirt roads eventually in our areas.

Howard E. Haggins, Payson

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