2000 Big Fish Of The Year Entries Still Being Accepted


The Arizona Game and Fish Department will still be accepting 2000 Big Fish of the Year entries through Jan. 31.

The top entries so far include the following:

Black crappie, 1 pound, six ounce, 13.5 inches, Bartlett Lake, by J.B. Schonwald;

Bluegill, 2 pounds, 9.28 ounces, 13 inches, Goldwater Lake, Shirley Leithead;

Brown trout, 3 pounds, 12 ounces, 20.5 inches, Little Colorado River, David Palmer;

Carp, 10 pounds, 7.2 ounces, 26 inches, Saguaro Lake, Nancy Tucker;

Channel catfish, 15 pounds, six ounces, 32 inches, Lake Havasu, Margie Anderson;

Cutthroat trout, 4 pounds, 8 ounces, 21.5 inches, Big Lake, Philip Rothengatter;

Flathead catfish, 68 pounds, 8 ounces, 52 inches, Bartlett Lake, Don Paul;

Hybrid sunfish, 3 pounds, 1.28 ounces, 16 inches, Colorado River, Parker, Rob Woodford;

Largemouth bass, 14 pounds, 9.6 ounces, 27.5 inches, Canyon Lake, Michael Cartwright;

Mullet, 3 pounds, 12.64 ounces, 21 inches, Laguna Dam, Yuma, Kevin Wilson;

Northern pike, 23 pounds, 7.04 ounces, 44.13 inches, Long Lake, Nancy Tucker;

Rainbow trout, 5 pounds, 7.9 ounces, 24 inches, Woods Canyon Lake, George Bancroft;

Redear sunfish, 3 pounds, 8.64 ounces, 15.5 inches, Lake Havasu, Larry Locatis;

Roundtail chub, 1 pound, 10 ounces, 17.25 inches, Verde River headwaters, Harley Ough;

Smallmouth bass, 4 pounds, 4.16 ounces, 22 inches, Roosevelt Lake, Steve Coombs;

Striped bass, 15 pounds, 2 ounces, 36 inches, Lake Pleasant, Jeff Weiss;

Tilapia, 7 pounds, 1 ounce, 19.13 inches, Saguaro Lake, Stephen E. Hayes;

Walleye, 12 pounds, 14.4 ounces, 30 inches, Show Low Lake, Otis Kingsbury;

White bass, 2 pounds, 9.12 ounces, 16.75 inches, Lake Pleasant, Daron Coombs;

Yellow bass, 1 pound, 11.52 ounces, 13 inches, Gila River, Warren Hollen;

Game and Fish is already accepting entries for the 2001 Big Fish of the Year. This is your chance to get in the record books.

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