Boys And Girls Club Would Be Good For Payson


As you know, the people in the town are trying to raise money for a Boys and Girls Club.

I am a 13-year-old teen who has lived in this town for 10 years.

The first thing we had in this town was (Southard's) Stampede (miniature golf and game room), which was a pretty cool place. Then they closed that, and laser bowling started so everyone went there every Friday night, and that got boring.

Then they built the BMX track and then everyone started to go there until they tore that down.

Then I heard that they were going to build batting cages over where the BMX track was, then I heard that they weren't.

We have town sports, but we want something that we can do every day, and I think the Boys and Girls Club would be good for everyone in the town.

The Boys and Girls Club is a nationwide organization and a proven facility that works for children of all ages because it has a planned outline of programs. It also influences kids to go there rather than go get drunk at a party or go smoke or something.

Anthony Puskaric, Payson

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