Cardboard Spill Boxes In Traffic


A truck transporting a load of cardboard to a recycling mill rolled Wednesday in Christopher Creek, scattering cardboard bundles along Highway 260 and boxing in traffic.

The driver, 26-year-old Archie Miguel of Lavene, Ariz., cut his head in the accident and required stitches. His uncle, 31-year-old Thomas Rivas, was traveling with him and dislocated his shoulder.

Officers suspect that Miguel, an employee of the Swift Transportation Company in Phoenix, fell asleep at the wheel.

"He woke up just as he went off the road near the fire department at Christopher Creek," Department of Public Safety Officer Tony McDaniel said. "He jerked the wheel to the right and rolled the truck."

The truck then hit a pine tree, the officer said, and split open the truck's semi-trailer, spilling six bales of cardboard along the highway.

Traffic was reduced to one lane while crews cleared the scene.

Workers from Swift arrived later that day to collect the cardboard.

McDaniel said the driver will be cited for traveling at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent to avoid a collision.

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