'If I Can Hear Your Dog Barking All Night, Can't You?'


This is a plea to fellow residents of my neighborhood. As I believe many of my neighbors must be deaf, print may be my only chance of reaching them!

We live near Frontier Elementary School. It is a quiet neighborhood. That is, until night falls. Each night, three to four times per night, we are awakened by a symphony of barking dogs. First one dog, then three, then five, until you lose track of the number of "voices" taking part.

In the summer, when we sleep with the windows open, it is worse. The problem is compounded when the dogs wake not only the adults in our household, but our 1-year-old as well. My husband gets up very early for work, and, as a combined result of barking dogs and crying baby, often leaves the house more tired than when he came home the night before.

We have tried contacting the city, but were told we would have to ascertain to whom each dog belongs before we can register a complaint. In order to do that, I'd have to traipse through dozens of back yards on three streets in the middle of the night. Therefore, I am hoping this letter might help in reaching the dog owners directly.

To those residents of my neighborhood, and to the residents of Payson at large, I make a simple request: If your dog is restless at night, please bring it inside for the night. Even a garage or shed would do. If I can hear your dog barking all night, can't you?

Payson resident (Name on file)

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