School Change Would Be To Modified Schedule, Not Year-Round


The front page of Tuesday's paper had a headline referring to a year-round school schedule for the Payson School District. The information was premature at best.

The Superintendent's Advisory Council has researched a modified schedule very carefully.

After polling all staff, researching the values of such a program and contacting other schools with modified schedules, (the advisory council) is recommending that the governing board consider such a schedule.

The advisory council's proposal is, as always, subject to governing board approval.

If tentatively approved by the board, the council will explain it to parents and our elementary schools.

Based on that experience, final approval may come from the board.

Research has consistently shown that students retain more, (i.e.) scores go up, discipline problems decrease and attendance rates increase. This information applies to a modified schedule, not a year-round schedule.

The modified schedule adds a two-week break at the end of every nine-week grading period. (That would create a two-week break) in October, the normal Christmas break and one additional (week-long break) in March.

School would start about Aug. 6.

Vacations can be scheduled in June, July or during the breaks in October, December or March.

The number of school days would not be affected. Students and teachers will be fresher and consequently, students will learn more.

Please keep in mind that a modified schedule is not year-round school. It is an attempt to enhance student achievement.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 474-2070.

Herb Weissenfels, Payson superintendent of schools

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