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Groundbreaking ceremony set for new library building


Editor's note: The Roundup is pleased to introduce the following monthly column on library and Library Friends happenings. Shelf Life, written by Library Friends of Payson member Carol Zebb, will appear in the Roundup the first Friday of every month, and will feature a list of the Payson Public Library's top-10 new book releases selected by the library's director, Terry Morris. The Library Friends of Payson is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for the Payson Public Library and library services.

Two cupboards. A few dozen books mostly donated by members of the newly formed Payson Womans Club. This was the humble beginning of the Payson Pubic Library back in the early 1900s.

Fast forward to this winter. Town officials will break ground Jan. 11 at Rumsey Park for a new 15,509-square-foot library featuring state-of-the-art technology.

Credit is due the dedicated library staff, under the direction of Terry Morris, the diligent work of the Library Friends of Payson, and the generosity and foresight of many in the community.

The next time you go through the door at 510 Main Street, pause and look at the plaque beside it, honoring the memory of Nan Pyle, who was instrumental in establishing what became the Payson Public Library. Wouldn't she love what is happening now?

Terry's Top 10

Payson Public Library Director Terry Morris recommends the following new library books:


"Waiting" (Ha Jin) Winner of the National Book Award. A suspenseful and tough-minded love story that transcends cultural barriers with an earthy, poetic grace.

"My Soul to Keep" (Judith Hawkes) A blend of atmosphere, suspense, sensuality and spellbinding storytelling, dissolving the line between reality and what lies beyond.

"Why Are We in Vietnam?" (Norman Mailer) Brilliantly entertaining and profoundly thoughtful.


"The Code Book" (Simon Singh) A history of encryption, tracing its evolution and effects on wars, nations and individuals.

"Joe DiMaggio the Hero's Life" (Richard Ben Cramer) The story DiMaggio never wanted to tell and never wanted anyone else to tell.

"Restoration Recipes" (James Bain Smith and Julia DeBierre) Traditional and contemporary techniques for restoring wood, glass, metal, leather and other materials. An essential guide o enhancing the beauty of reassured furniture.

Children's books

"Twelve Lizards Leaping" (Jan Romero Stevens)

"Las Posadas" (Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith)

"Truffle's Christmas" (Anna Curry)

"Who Was Born This Special Day?" (Eve Bunting and Leonid Gore).

Looking ahead

Carol Lease, Library Friends membership chairman, has designated January as Library Friends Membership Month. She encourages current members to invite a friend to the monthly meeting at 10:30 a.m. Jan. 8 at the Payson Public Library on Main Street.

Special delivery

Shut-ins who enjoy reading but are unable to get to the library may now register forhome delivery of library materials, which is scheduled to begin later this month. There is no charge for the service, which is sponsored by the Library Friends of Payson.

To qualify for the program, people must be short-term shut-ins because of medical conditions, or long-termhomebound residents who cannot get out on their own. All ages may apply.

Volunteers working in pairs will pay a get-acquainted visit to interested people to determine their reading preferences and special needs, such as large print books or books on tape. Volunteers also will assist patrons in obtaining library cards, if necessary. Thereafter, books will be delivered and picked up every two weeks.

To register, call Peggy Freeman, program chairman, at 472-6662, or Judy Buettner, Library Friends president, at 472-9015.

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