All Great Things Begin With A Thought Or Idea


A new year is a time of contemplation and rethinking lives and deciding what we wish to accomplish for the future. It is a time of looking back over the last year and asking ourselves what we can do to improve our lives and the lives of our families.

It is a time to think about what kind of seeds we wish to plant for the new year, to think about what we wish to harvest, and this helps us to decide what we plan for the coming times in our life.

It is a time to think about who and what we are and how we got to be that way in the first place. It is time to decide what and who we want to be this coming year.

Do we want good health? Do we want to have good thoughts? Do we want to improve our spirituality. Do we want to be better people. Can we be kinder to our fellow man and neighbor? Do we want to help our community to grow into a better place to live? Can we do our part? If your answer is yes, then now is the time to begin.

We can create a better place to raise our children, a better place for our seniors, a better place for the needy. We can become what we think about by getting off our duffs and doing something about all these things. We can make a difference in Payson by pitching in, volunteering whenever we can, by cleaning and picking up trash. We can become a model town by working together, forming groups to do different tasks and getting to know our neighbors and other businesses in our area.

We can become as one in our efforts to be a more open-minded town and to welcome others who seem to be drawn here for whatever reason.

We can attempt to live a Christ-like life regardless of what church we attend.

We can if we think we can, for our thoughts and intentions are powerful things and all great things began with a thought or idea. What are you thinking about for the coming year?

Make your resolutions good thoughts and intentions, and good will come about just as if you had ordered it. Do good deeds and good will be returned to you. For what we give, we also get in return.

Happy New Year and may God bless our community, the state of Arizona, the USA and the world. May the joy we feel here in Payson reach out to everyone in the universe.

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