'America's Most Wanted' Suspect Caught Near Young


Deputies from the Gila County Sheriff's Department arrested Stephen E. Tatro in Young Monday morning, just nine days after his profile was featured on the Fox TV program "America's Most Wanted."

Tatro is wanted in Texas for allegedly murdering his business partner Daniel Duran during a December 1997 argument.

Police think Tatro ended the argument by shooting Duran in the chest with a deer rifle, fatally wounding him.

The alleged crime was a featured segment of the Dec. 30 episode of "America's Most Wanted."

According to host John Walsh, Tatro is known to frequent flea markets, festivals and Indian art shows, where he sells Indian arts and crafts. Walsh also said Tatro claims to have psychic abilities that enable him to solve crimes.

Following Duran's death, Tatro turned himself in, was booked for the crime, was released on bond and then disappeared until last April. That's when officials from Pinnell County in Texas arrested him again on the original murder charge.

Tatro's girlfriend paid a $10,000 cash bond, he was released from jail again and was scheduled to appear in court Aug. 10, 2000. On that day, Tatro claimed he was having chest pains, was transported to the hospital where he refused treatment and disappeared for the second time.

When "America's Most Wanted" aired its profile on Tatro Dec. 30, a viewer in Young recognized him as the man who had recently begun doing odd jobs at the Dream Catcher residential subdivision development in Young.

"We got a tip that the guy was up in the Young area," Lt. Mel Huggins of the Gila County Sheriff's Department said. "We contacted the sheriff's department in Texas, and they gave us the low-down on what to expect when we approached him."

Huggins said he and three other deputies went to Young Monday morning, and with the help of the owner of the Dream Catcher development, were able to peacefully capture Tatro.

"We knew he was a runner, so we had to be real careful to cut off all avenues for him to run," the lieutenant said.

Tatro was booked into Gila County jail, but refused to sign the extradition papers that would send him back to Texas.

"We will now have to get a governor's warrant for extradition," Huggins said. "That can take up to a month or more. In the meantime, Tatro will be a guest of Gila County, and you can bet we'll be watching him very closely."

Tatro is being held in the Gila County jail in Globe without bond.

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