Discarding Building Codes Is Not The Answer


It's so good to be home. We just returned from an extended trip throughout California. Now there's a place in trouble. It tickled me to read the editorial in the Payson Roundup of Jan. 5.

The whole nation is going through a cutback (in jobs, businesses, stock market, etc.) and humble Payson thinks it's because of those evil impact fees.

You stated: "Businesses that were thriving just a few years ago closed shop last year and others are struggling to stay open this year."

Could the wonderful economic development of a Super Wal-Mart, a strip mall by the new Safeway or a new six-screen theater have anything to do with driving out local economy?

Do you really believe that Mayor Schum and Dick Wolfe should consider discarding the town's building codes in order to lessen the cost of new development? Should they "devise a plan to review the town's development impact fees" thus lessening any monies received for new growth?

Building codes are established for the health, safety and welfare of people. Development fees are established to lessen the impact of new growth on a town.

Payson has many houses for sale. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to help stimulate a slowing economy of the whole nation. It hasn't worked yet and neither will endangering ourselves by eliminating building codes or impact fees.

Carol Michaelis, Payson

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