The Election Is Over; Stop The Rhetoric


The further I read into the "Horizons" column of Jan. 5, the angrier I became. Professor Wentz certainly reflects Webster's definition No. four of an academic: "Learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or practicality."

He writes like a liberal democrat whose candidate lost, and now strikes out at the winner using false allegory and accusations. The election is over now is not the time to print such divisive, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now is the time for the nation to unite behind the elected "king" and his staff, and work together to solve common problems.

This academic keeps repeating the democrat mantra "the king is stupid," even though the king earned a bachelor's from Yale and a master's in business administration from Harvard. The king was also a jet fighter pilot, which takes more brains than the pretender king showed as a politician.

The king was also elected, as he won every count, recount, etc. in Florida. However, the pretender king said, "I don't have a life if I'm not elected," so he fought the vote count through every court that would take the case. And then, when he was caught violating both the Florida Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, and the valid vote count was upheld, he has people like this academic continuing the "big lie."

As to the "generalissimo," I assume Dr. Wentz is talking about Colin Powell. He is wrong again. General Powell has been nominated for secretary of state, not defense, as the good academic states.

So suck it up, Mr. Academic, and admit that your guy lost because he ran a lousy campaign and he personally wasn't credible. The country constitutionally elected the rightful king who stands for integrity, honesty, and morality, some things the previous king and his ministers and palace staff and the pretender king don't even know how to spell.

God bless America, and the rightful king. And because of the rightful king, the subjects will be blessed.

David Mumma, Payson

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