'Most Wanted' Suspect Returning To Texas For Trial


Stephen Edward Tatro signed the extradition papers Tuesday that will allow authorities to return him to Texas where he will stand trial for the December 1997 murder of his business partner, Daniel Duran.

Tatro, 49, was arrested Monday near Young, nine days after his profile was featured on the Fox television show, "America's Most Wanted."

Deputies from the Gila County Sheriff's Department received word Monday that Tatro was working at the Dream Catcher Ranch near Young. That morning, four deputies surrounded Tatro as he unloaded a truck, arrested him and booked him into the Gila County jail in Globe.

"He'll be coming back to Texas sometime this weekend," Waller County Sheriff Randy Smith said. Waller County is 50 miles west of Houston.

While in custody with Gila County, Tatro told deputies that he shot Duran in self-defense, sheriff's officials said.

"But, he says that to everybody," Smith said. "Obviously, the district attorney feels that it was murder.

"He'll get his day in court," the sheriff said, "that is, if he sticks around long enough to see it."

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