Pipeline To Pine Unfair To Residents Of Strawberry



We have been in Strawberry since the early '70s. It is astounding news to hear we have an excess of water to put in a reservoir (and a pipeline to Pine).

(Bob) Hardcastle, the owner (of the water utilities that supply Pine and Strawberry) states this pipeline will carry water both ways. I say not one drop of water will ever flow from Pine to Strawberry.

Strawberry has enough water for our community if 5 million gallons a summer isn't pumped into Pine. Why not spend the money getting water there (Pine has) water in the Portals and south of town. (We think) this company could care less.

As a well owner, imagine going to your faucet and it's dry the well is dry! It is going to happen to more and more people in Arizona as our growth goes on and on.

We feel the Forest Service was not helpful to the citizens in approving this pipeline. Many of us wrote letters objecting, but to no avail. We've written or called the governor, the Arizona Corporation Commission, Gila County supervisor, the Forest Service and Mr. Hardcastle. He does not answer. I'm really surprised he didn't object to the article on the pipeline, but then he won, didn't he?

J. Gilmore, Strawberry

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