Young Hunter Downs First Elk From 525 Yards Away


A decade ago, a pair of bullseye shots fired from 525 yards away by a 12-year-old would have been a tough tale for most any outdoorsman to believe.

Today, laser rangefinders are common place and can pinpoint long distances to within only a few feet.

The presence of a state-of-the-art rangefinder lends credence to the outdoor saga of Rim Country Middle School 7th-grader Nichole Brunson.

On the first day of the recently complete elk hunt, Brunson scored two direct hits on a 6x6 bull from 525 yards away as measured by the rangefinder.

Along on the hunt in Unit 22 were her father Brian Brunson and her uncle Clay Wills.

After watching the youngster score the bullseyes, they could only utter "unbelievable."

The young hunter said by using a tripod on her 300 magnum rifle, she was able to shoot more accurately.

No matter, father and uncle said, they were unbelievable shots.

Brunson said she let go with the first round while the animal was standing in an opening.

At first, she didn't think the shot had struck the animal because it scurried behind some nearby brush.

A second shot moments later, she said, dropped the elk.

"It was really exciting," she said.

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