Thankful For Our School System


I would like to express my thanks to the community for allowing me to serve in the capacity of school board member for the Payson Unified School District. I found it an honor and a pleasure to serve the community in this capacity. The experience proved invaluable in the learning it provided me as a community member and parent of children attending our public school system.

Over the last four years, I have heard many things, both positive and derogatory, about our school district. However, I would like to provide my insights of the last four years.

First, the students of our district: We have our problems just like any community. At times, it was necessary to serve as a disciplinarian in my capacity. However, by and large, the students of our community are well ahead of many of their counterparts. They are clearly more respectful, more focused on education, and more intent on acquiring the skills necessary to be successful young adults. As a community member, former school board member, and a parent in the community, I am very proud of the students in our school district.

Next, the employees of the district: the principals, teachers, office personnel and bus drivers who provide the educational experience for our children. We are very fortunate to have the employees we have. They, too, are focused on providing the best quality education for every child.

To my fellow board members, I hold each of you in highest regard.

Even though our school system is not perfect none are we should all be thankful for what we have. The next few years may be trying times for the board, the employees and the students. But knowing the quality of all the parties involved, the best decisions possible will be made.

Donald B. Engler, Former School Board Member, Payson Unified School District

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