We Can Help A Boy Without Judging Him


by Richard Haddad, publisher

A week before Christmas, a local 14-year-old boy named Justin lost half his left hand when the homemade explosive he was playing with detonated. His family was without medical insurance.

A group of friends and neighbors wanted to raise money to help pay for Justin's medical expenses. They set up a bank account and began placing collection cans at local businesses.

Since then, there has been some criticism of this effort because the boy was doing something illegal.

Even here at the Roundup, we debated how much we should assist in this fund-raising effort because it could set a bad precedent for us, or even appear that we were condoning this type of dangerous behavior.

But after careful consideration and reflecting on my own childhood foolishness, I have come to realize that every young man I know has done something foolish at some point in his life. The difference seems to come down to luck. I was lucky that I didn't injure myself when I was a boy building firecracker explosives and attaching them to my model ships. I think there are hundreds of grown men reading this editorial today who would agree.

As for the criticism of this effort, I think it comes down to, let those who are without sin cast the first stone.

If anyone would like to help this boy, donations can be made in his name to account No. 004675652151 at Bank of America on the Beeline Highway.

I am sure his family would appreciate even the smallest donation. I also am certain Justin has grown much wiser since learning a lesson all young men need to learn he just learned it sooner and harder than we did.

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