Couple's Involvement 'Possibly Heroic'


Kelly and Cindy Owens provided Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Mike Strohmeyer with valued assistance at a collision that occurred on Christmas day at mile post 225 on the Beeline Highway near Slate Creek. The collision occurred on a blind curve and the vehicles were left stranded within the roadway, creating a potential hazard for other motorists. Officer Strohmeyer said Kelly and Cindy assisted for quite some time in warning others of the collision scene and to slow down until DPS officers arrived and the hazard could be removed.

Their willingness to quickly act and provide assistance in prewarning others of the eminent dangers that lay ahead is commendable. Their decision to become involved and take action made it possible for many others to arrive at their destinations safely and expeditiously. I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude of the officers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety and of those motorists who may have been spared harm, for their unselfish and possibly heroic acts on that day.

John Whetten, Supervisor, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Payson District

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