'Respect Earns Respect'


In response to the caller that phoned into "What's Up" in last Friday's paper, we would like to say, "Weren't you ever a kid yourself?" We are not condoning the damage that was done at the theaters. Personally we think the parents should take some of the blame there. But to say that the kids are ruining the theaters and security guards (had to be hired) because of them, is unjustified. We are glad that the guards are there when our teenage son goes (to the theater) in the evening.

We have two kids, ages 14 and 11. They are both, we feel, very responsible for themselves, with guidance still coming from us. They are respectful of other people's property and know the difference between right and wrong. Their friends, who we also spend time knowing, are responsible young adults, also.

It is a shame that there are kids who will do damage, act irresponsible or be disrespectful to their elders. Unfortunately, that is the way our world is, and again, we believe parents fail in their duties to teach their kids properly.

Please do not label all kids in this town bad. We do have our fair share of bad ones, but we believe that the majority of kids in this town are descent kids and should be given a fair chance. Get to know some of them. Share your knowledge of the past with them, but do not turn your back to them. Remember, respect earns respect.

Mark and Diane Monty, Payson

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