Student Opposed To Modified Calendar Proposal


I am a sixth-grade student at Rim Country Middle School. I would like to offer my opinion in the new prospect of a possible (modified calendar) schedule.

I personally would not like a modified calendar. Not only would it affect my schedule, but it would affect my family's busy schedule, as well. My brother has a summer job, and he would have to change his working hours to fit in more breaks and less summer vacation.

Where I was born, they tried a year-round schedule. It did not work out at all. Families had to cut their vacation time in half, and working parents had to arrange new transportation plans. I do not want that to happen in Payson.

My one question is, who will benefit from this new plan? If we will have the same amount of days in class, then why should we go and change the schooling system I have been used to since kindergarten?

I hope that you will reconsider the prospect of (a modified calendar).

Melissa Schwark, Payson

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