'Please, No Impact Fees'


My wife and I are small-business people here in Payson. Our business is residential rentals. We invested here because the people are very friendly and warm and kind, (and) the climate is mostly very pleasant. Payson is movie-quality a nice place to say (you're from).

I am no longer young, and if I were, I am afraid I could not live here. After World War II, a lot of us who had the honor to serve were able to buy homes with no down payment, no fees and just a very small real estate charge.

In Payson, our young people and some of our less wealthy older folks, are not able to afford even modest housing rental or purchase. I have people renting apartments from me who work in Payson and have to get by on the meager wages paid by our larger stores.

We must get our town to support our local businesses and our businesses must earn enough to pay decent wages. The main reason I am writing this is because I support, and will do all I can, to get the mayor and the town council to abolish those absolutely ridiculous and restricting impact fees they have placed on this town.

If the council wants no growth or growth that only some can afford, I believe it has succeeded. Growth, like having children, is a fact of life. No children, no family, no friends, no growth. Please, no impact fees.

Norman R. Gillan, Payson

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