Rising Property Taxes Pushing Retirees Out Of Payson Area


The Jan. 16 issue of the Roundup had a front-page article by Mike Burkett, entitled "Affordable housing project on the move." The developer, Steve Iverson and the project's real estate broker Ray Pugel, left out one big important item: what is the Gila County property tax going to be on each home? Property owners in Gila County know that taxes are rocketing upward. The past tax bills show this.

Now, on page 4A of the same issue, Gordon Metcalf has a guest comment entitled, "Be careful what you wish for."

To stop growth in Payson, if growth is stalled, tax assessments will increase property taxes accordingly. Property owners in Gila County are the money machine for yearly tax increases and this past tax bill shows it.

Yes, Gordon, retirees are looking to sell and move on to communities with a lower tax base, outside of Arizona.

Robert McKeever, Pine

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