Bush Will Make America A God-Fearing Nation


I am grateful that inauguration day went as smoothly as it did. It was degrading enough to witness people of the United States behaving as spoiled brats, throwing tomatoes, eggs, etc. at President Bush's motorcade. And yet, only a few hours before the outgoing president a man who perjured himself and was not entirely truthful to the people of the United States, gets pardoned of any wrongdoings and then pardons so many others like him.
A 76-year-old woman, who is very dear to me, has to work three days a week to supplement her income, because of (former) Gov. Fife Symington's "deal." Her husband died and she doesn't get his union pension because it was "stolen!" And yet our former President Clinton pardons him. Many of the others he pardoned, are as bad or worse.
Wake up, America. We have a president now, who has godly morals and wants to turn America back to the way it was in the beginning a God-fearing nation instead of a nation that is laughed at and scorned by most other countries. This president will bring honor back to the White House and not "rent" out the rooms to those who will do big favors for him or line his pockets.
Wake up, America, before God says "enough."
Shirley Broadston, Payson

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