'Education President' Needs A History Lesson


The education president?

I thought President George W. Bush delivered a good political speech in his inaugural address. While I did not expect him to speak of protecting our natural environment, I certainly was disappointed that he did not even mention it. My main concern, however, is that his speech was inaccurate. Near the beginning of his address, he stated, "We have a place, all of us, in a long history ... the story of a power that went into the world ... to defend but not to conquer." What about our treatment of the Native Americans?

Manifest Destiny is a pretty good example of conquest. We have also sought to conquer during the Mexican-American War and in Central America e.g. the Panama Canal and the Philippines.

I wish that someone who supposedly wants to make education a cornerstone of his administration would demonstrate an accurate portrayal of history.

I am a proud American. But one does not have to show pride by being historically blind or revisionist.

Coby Muckelroy, Payson

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