Modified School Calendar Makes Sense


I have read all of the articles in the Roundup and have sat through a presentation on the modified school year proposal. After considering the aspects of all the arguments and concerns that were presented, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for us to give our teachers the opportunity to improve the learning process. Keeping the children and teachers focused on developing educational skills by eliminating some of the classroom down time is a very positive thing.

Unlike the year-round program, this proposal provides many of the same benefits, without the family scheduling hardships. It only makes sense that refreshed teachers and students make for the best learning environment. The modified school year gives timely short breaks for everyone, including families, but still maintains the continuity that is essential for further developing the subject matter after the break.

I believe that it is our responsibility as parents, teachers and community citizens to provide the best opportunities for educating our youth so they will be as equipped to succeed in their future as possible. This is definitely an idea that should be tried. It has had good success in other communities and we, too, should become aggressive in our education programs here in Payson.

I hope that the school board gives this idea a very careful and positive review and that our community citizens and parents support their decision.

Bill Enlund, Payson

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