New County Prosecutor Will Be Tested Early


I read with interest your (Jan. 19 report) about Jim Hazel and his zeal for his new position as "Gila county's top legal eagle." I wish him well. He's going to be tested early.

I have great confidence that his predecessor, Jerry DeRose, could have seen Roy George Haught serve a lengthy jail term for the (death) of Jim Cooper.

It's clear that Judge Dawson would like to see Mr. Haught walking free with merely a slap on the wrist and hardly no jail time at all.

We'll soon know if Mr. Hazel is up to the task of putting convicted (killers) in jail, and off the streets of Payson. Very shortly, the world will learn if Mr. Hazel is a legal eagle, or just another humming bird with a law degree, flitting around Judge Dawson's feeder.

Charles T. McCann, Yavapai County

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