America 'Has Best Politicians Money Can Buy'


Why is it that we Americans always wait until there is a crisis before we do anything about it? I'm referring to California's energy woes. Is this the result of deregulation or don't the energy gurus have the foresight to see the impact on energy by continuous growth?

Has anyone ever thought about conservation? Gosh, what a concept. If everyone reduced their electric consumption by just 5 percent, there wouldn't be a shortage.

Maybe conservation could be encouraged by increasing the cost per kilowatt hour by the amount of energy used. In other words, the more you use, the higher the rate, based on an incremental scale.

Our glut for all forms of energy, including oil, just drives prices up regardless of production capacity. Drilling for more domestic oil doesn't mean lower prices for consumers. The domestic oil producers play the same game as the OPEC nations. If they produce more oil than the demand, all they have to do is create a false shortage for an excuse to raise prices.

The oil and power producing corporations have contributed huge sums of money to the Bush campaign to keep the administration out of their affairs. Kenneth Lay, chairman of Enron, the nation's largest energy producer, is a member of Bush's Energy Transition Team and he contributed $300,000 to the inauguration. Go figure.

Our nation has the best politicians money can buy.

Wayne Donnay, Payson

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