'I'D Rather Speak To A Neighbor Than Talk To A Tree'


... Some time ago, the city of Los Angeles wanted to save water, so it exchanged low-use toilets, ones that use 1.5 gallons per flush, for (its citizens') five-gallon per-flush toilets. (That's) a savings of more than three gallons (per flush).

The city also exchanged high-volume shower heads with low-volume heads, and (urged people to use) a cup or glass when brushing their teeth instead of letting the faucet run. There were other savings (when you consider that less) water was placed in the sewer system. Sewers have to get rid of water, the less water in the system, the cheaper to operate.

(Following that model, we could) lower water consumption by two-thirds and the sewer processing by two-thirds. Then we can invite our friends to move here.

I believe the world runs as a business. Business must be our concern. We must encourage new businesses to come here, and with new homes and families, businesses will be attracted here. I'd rather speak to a neighbor than talk to a tree or bush. Trees are not endangered.

After seeing ABCs television show on government, hosted by John Stossell Saturday night, I wonder how much water we would have if our system was privotized? Maybe the sewer system? Are they as good as they can be? Please, council, abolish your fees. They're just not right.

Norman R. Gillan, Payson

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