Again, Peta Hooks Into The Wrong Campaign


Families celebrating the Fourth of July holiday may choose to head to the high country for a little camping. What better time of year is there to venture into the forest, set up a tent, and cast a line into the water for a little quality time with family or friends as you drown a few worms.

If you're in favor of fishing, look out: PETA's looking to sink its hooks into you.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has launched another one of its absurd campaigns this time denouncing the sport of fishing.

PETA's latest soap-box shenanigans include billboards that will be placed nationwide showing a precious pooch with a hook in its mouth. The billboard reads, "If you wouldn't do this to a dog, why do it to a fish?"

The answer is simple: with a little lemon and butter, fish are delicious.

For me, fishing was a right of passage. As the youngest of five children, my time spent in a boat with my father was priceless it was the time when I had him all to himself to talk about lures, and worms and the meaning of life.

If fishing had been outlawed, I may have never heard some his terrible jokes; I might not have gained the respect I have for women; and I certainly never would have learned the proper way to de-hook my own foot.

And, when Jesus was faced with feeding the masses, it was two fish he used to create his miracle not two carrots, not two celery stalks two fish. Is PETA now denouncing the Bible, as well?

Once again, I think PETA has missed the point. PETA claims that fish feel pain; that even when a hooked fish is released, it suffers severe trauma after it swims away.

To me, that only seems like an argument against catch and release. So I say, catch and enjoy. Add a little lemon and butter.

And pass the tartar sauce.

Jerry Thebado, reporter

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