Saving Water's Easy Without The Red Tape


by Spud Henry


I am a former resident of Payson. After reading Bob McQueen's letter to your paper Friday, June 22 titled, "Town should curb water waste," I too would like to make a few remarks and suggestions.

There are a number of things that can be instituted to save water. A few years ago, I was given permission by Gila County to install a gray water system on an experimental basis, which I did. Having a basement made it an ideal setup. I installed an 80-gallon fiberglass tank with an aerator pump to keep the water agitated.

We diverted the waste water from our bath and lavatories, which contained a little soap but not enough to make suds, into the tank. Before pumping the water out to the grass and shrubs, we poured a cup of Clorox into the tank.

The system worked fine until (a town employee) found out about it and told me he would report me to the (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality). I had to dismantle the project or be cited for saving water.

Most country folks who are on septic tank systems divert their washing machine water out to the garden and flower beds anyway.

Another thing that should be instituted into the plumbing code is a hot-water return system, by installing a timer switch by the kitchen sink. Before starting the dishwasher or washing machine, turn the switch to two minutes and you will have instant hot water. This adds very little to the plumbing bill and will pay off in the long run.

There are so many ways to save water, if only we could cut the red tape.

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