Town Offered Positive Message About Water


Mr. Dan Adams, who authored the guest comment, "Town should go into debt for just one thing, water" in the Payson Roundup, June 29, must have missed the meeting at Town Hall on Thursday, June 21, or he chose to ignore Buzz Walker's report.

I attended the special meeting of the Town Council and heard a very positive, comprehensive water development report by Public Works Director Buzz Walker. The transcript for Mr. Walker's Water Report is available at town hall, if you are interested in finding out the true status of Payson's future water supplies.

I know Mr. Walker's Report will answer many of Mr. Adam's questions and negative insinuations. I heard nothing in Mr. Walker's Report that mentioned the Town was going to start hauling their water. To the contrary, I understand that the Water Department reports that the Town tanks are full. Also, Mr. Walker did not dodge any issue about finding and supplying water for additional residents or businesses.

Apparently Mr. Adams is attempting to spread the word that "anyone with any business savvy will think more than twice about investing in Payson."

Mr James Hill, of Door Stop, is an intelligent business man and ignored the negative warnings when he decided to move his business to Payson. His facility will have restrooms and drinking fountains which will use less than 5,000 gallons of water per month. The Door Stop will also generate new jobs and tax revenue for the Town of Payson.

I have no idea what Mr. Adams meant by "the rabid expansionist in town." It is possible he is referring to the majority of the people in Payson who want managed growth for water, jobs, schools, parks, recreation, etc. They are the economic engine which makes our community go. These are the same majority who voted for the majority of the Town Council, who are working for "all the people" of Payson.

It is easy to be negative and criticize everyone and everything in our community. However, it is much more productive for our community to have constructive criticism, and positive suggestions for solutions.

You might try, it Mr. Adams. It sure feels good to be a positive thinker.

Pat Lundblad


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