Burgers And Books A Booming Success


Rim Country Middle School would like to thank the Payson community for their support of our Burgers for Books fundraiser at the 4th of July fireworks.

Through the patronage of the community and work of our school-community

members we have raised close to $800. These funds will be used to purchase

additional textbooks for the school. Thanks go out to the organizations

that helped sponsor the event: Wal-Mart, Mackey's Grill, Poore Brothers

Chips, and Pepsi. Thanks to our Site Council members who helped plan the

event: Karen Ammann, Marcie Sanders, Jenny Hagen, and Patty Wortman.

Additional thanks to Bill Bowling, Ned Schall, Karen Crabtree, Alan Ammann,

Homer Sanders, Donna Larby, Paul Larby, Dustin Ammann, the Ammann children,

and the District cafeteria staff for their help. We are looking forward to

sponsoring another fundraiser at next year's show and are very appreciative

of the special people who worked at and participated in our event. Thanks!

Frank Larby, Principal

Rim Country Middle School

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