The Town That Cried Wolf


Don't cry wolf too often.

Once upon a time, in a little mountain town, a small group of people continually warned the town that a wolf was coming. The town fathers, deeply concerned, decided to hire experts to investigate this wolf scare.

The experts hunted far and wide, but could not locate any wolves, except at a great distance where they could not harm the town.

Regardless of the facts presented to the small group, they said that the town misunderstood what they were doing, and continued to insist the wolf was coming.

Eventually the town began to ignore the small group, and their credibility was lost, as the wolf never appeared.

The moral of this story is, if the small group used their efforts to present facts, and productive suggestions that could be used in a positive manner to help all the people of the little town, the people would not have ignored them, and would have embraced their positive ideas.

Remember, do not cry wolf too often.

Scott Darnell


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