Main Street Colorless On The Fourth Of July


My husband and I took a ride down Main Street around 10:30 a.m. on the 4th of July, headed to Green Valley Park. We were expecting to see a lot of U.S. flags and other decorations of red, white and blue on Main Street.

To our (amazement), we only counted about four or five flags displayed.

Did the coordinator of the Main Street project forget about the 4th of July and our so called Flag Capital, as Payson always brags about?

Knowing we would be having a lot of out-of-town visitors that day, and our own residents traveling up and down Main Street, (the town) should have ahead of time made some plans and effort to decorate.

All we can say is, shame, shame on Main and the coordinator.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barnes, Payson

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