Reader Ready To Join Cac Ranks


The several mocking, smirking and sarcastic letters you have printed that castigate the Citizens' Awareness Committee (CAC) appear to be coming from folks with a financial interest in using Payson's water for more growth to line their own pockets.

They are right to be afraid of CAC because, as the group told me, one of its missions is to inform Payson taxpayers about how their water supply is being doled out and how the town council has classically "put the cart before the horse" when it approves subdivisions before it finds new water sources.

Additionally, CAC intends to inform citizens about how their tax monies are being spent. Homeowners in older sections of town ... like myself ... already know that those monies aren't being spent on them, even though the town's income comes from them.

Homeowners here need a group to represent their interests vis-a-vis the developers. CAC appears to me to be that group. So, I'm probably going to join their ranks.

Margaret J. Ross, Payson

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