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Q: Palmer's Furniture has been going out of business for several months it seems. Is there any kind of town ordinance about going out of business?

A: Town Attorney Sam Streichman says that while there are no ordinances that specifically address going out of business "or the duration that that can go on," the town does have ordinances "that address certain temporary signs ... and generally business practices are subject to town review under our business license ordinances." He said the Community Development Department is looking into "some of these issues ... at this time."

According to Town Redevelopment/Housing Coordinator Marcy Rogers, portable signage is illegal in Payson with a few exceptions. She said the individuals currently operating Palmer's have been contacted regarding their banners and portable sign, and while the portable sign has been taken down, as of Friday afternoon the banners had not been removed. The town can cite Palmer's if they fail to do so.

Rogers said the town was also looking into business license violations.

"You could say the investigation is still in progress," she said.

The current operators have told the town they plan to officially go out of business at the end of July. The town wants to confirm that with the Palmers, but they are reportedly on vacation.

Q: Why is the Payson Athletic Club not going to be able to put in their above ground pool? Is it because the town gave them such a hard time? A lot of people need water aerobics all year round and we can only use the town pool two months out of the year.

A: Owner Keven Rush said a decision on the pool hasn't been made yet for two reasons:

1) "I need to come up with a little more cost-effective design. The one in the original plans was put in by the developer's architect and they just basically picked the easiest thing to put on paper. It would require a $50,000 dehumidifier among other things," Rush said.

2. "The town has been discussing building a community center with an indoor pool. If the town is going to do that, I don't want to. It will take us seven or eight years to get any return on our investment if we're doing good business. If the town goes there, we'll end up losing money."

Rush said they are putting in all the necessary infrastructure for a pool, including plumbing, conduit, and ceiling, but for the time being, it will just be an exercise room.

Incidentally, Rush says a realistic date for his new facility to open is sometime in September. "It looks to me like construction will be done around the end of August, and then we'll need four weeks to get our lockers in and get up and running."

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