Conservation Key To Putting Food On The Table


I either read or heard on TV that our great nation could thumb their noses at foreign oil sources. Yes, you heard me right. We could save millions of barrels of oil if we only maintained the tire pressure on our vehicles at the proper level. Well, unfortunately that requires some physical effort about once a week. And we in the US are not overweight, therefore, we don't need the exercise and we have lots of bucks for gas. Right?

Well, let's not give up how about this conservation idea? It only requires the manipulation of an electrical switch; not much physical effort required here. Right? So maybe this idea will catch on. Cross your fingers and pray to God that people will listen for once.

Conserve your alternator life; conserve your battery life; conserve the life of all your running lights and headlights and get more miles per gallon of gas. Turn off your headlights when not needed.

Multiplied nationwide, this may be enough to offset the need for foreign oil.

We have 300 plus sunny days here in Arizona, so turn off your lights and keep your money in your pocket where it belongs.

Don't give it to the gas pump or car dealers or auto parts stores for alternators, batteries, light bulbs, etc.

OK, so people selling gas and auto parts will probably scream at this thought, and they will put it down in the name of safety, etc., but remember your money pays your bills and puts food on the table; they don't and they don't buy your gas either.

Paul Treadwell, Payson

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