Main Street Project A 'Pipe Dream'


I would like to give my opinion about the Main Street Redevelopment.

Right off, I will say that it is a very costly pipe dream that the town can ill afford. It should be dropped before any more money is wasted on it. The fact is that Payson is not another Tombstone. There is very little of the past left to be a tourist attraction.

The story last Friday (July 6) mentioned that not all the people who live or work on Main Street are in favor of this effort. That is not a big surprise. After all, most of the business people are probably just getting along.

The story mentioned that there are grants and other ways of raising some of the money to do this thing, but the truth is that there is no such thing as free money. It, the money, comes from only one place, and that is taxes. The grants will also require matching funds from the town. That is money that can be better used for finding a secure source of water and improvements around town like street repairs.

The town should go back to a "pay as you go" mentality. The thought that they are thinking of borrowing money and paying interest on that money to improve the streets is ridiculous to the extreme.

What is this going to do to our taxes the town levies on us.

Another consideration is ... the increase in our county property taxes. That will hit everyone who lives in this town either through property taxes or higher rent. No one gets a free ride, and we will all pay.

The essence of this effort is that it will cost a lot of money and benefit very few of the people who have to pay for it. I know that most of the town council support this boondoggle, but it simply is not worth anything to most people who live here, and we are the ones who count.

Howard Haggins, Payson

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