Visitors Not Interested In Gussied-Up Main Street


The Payson Roundup for July 6, had a write-up on the proposed Main Street changes. There were several paragraphs that concern present owners of business property on Main Street.

The seven-member "resource" team consisted of out-of-town and out-of-state "specialists" who were here to tell us what they wanted. Our tax money was used to pay them. It would seem more proper for the present owners to make such decisions.

These experts plan on three "round-abouts" on Main Street. This is a main thoroughfare for Green Valley Park, (Julia Randall Elementary) school, the golf course, truck route for garbage disposal, delivery trucks and hundreds of homes. Round-abouts are a traffic nuisance and there is no satisfactory alternate route.

They recommended that store-front parking be moved to the rear. Very few have that much room in the rear. Successful stores plan on parking in front. Circle K is a prime example. Would they move Wal-Mart parking to the rear?

The experts claim the current false fronts do not represent historical storefronts, that Western movies influenced this style. Were they here around 1900? A photo taken in 1909 shows a false-fronted store.

They propose to move the fire station from Main Street. A nearby fire station lowers your insurance and is like a second policy. The fire department has kept the station looking trim, even with flower beds. Their present location gives quick access to east and west on Main Street, and north and south of the Beeline. Just where do these outsiders, with no property in Payson, propose to "hide" our fire department?

All of the Main Street owners wish to see their street improved and prettied up, but not to the detriment of property value, access and usefulness. People from the Valley come up to camp in the woods or play in the snow, not to shop on a gussied-up Main Street.

Garwood and Eleanor Baybrook, Local Payson residents, owners and taxpayers

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