Clean Up Your Language, For Our Nation's Sake


by Carole Mathewson


Recently someone hurled profane and abusive language at me, quite without provocation. As a result, my heart rate increased violently, which I found most frightening. Everyone who is given to inflicting such verbal attacks should be aware of the fact that they could bring on a heart attack in their victim.

I'm a senior citizen who recalls a gentle society in which such language was never heard, except from dirty old men who spat tobacco juice on the sidewalks of my town and who were often intoxicated as they spoke filthy and profane words. And if they used such language in the presence of women and children, they were subject to arrest. If such laws were in effect today, our jails would be packed with those guilty of such an offense.

Each time I hear someone profaning the name of God and uttering the "f" word and the "s" word, I wonder what kind of a mother that person had and what his childhood family life was like. Did the family sit around the dinner table on a daily basis hurling that kind of language at each other? I feel great sadness for such people. Clearly they hold nothing sacred. I always wish I felt free to say to them, "That's the language of murderers, rapists and drug traffickers. Should I fear you?"

As my friends express concern over the violence of today's society, they often say, "What's responsible for it? Where have we gone wrong?" I contend that the problem starts with violent language and escalates to physical violence. If we are to prevent our nation from crumbling irrevocably, we must clean up our language.

While I love to be entertained, I'm appalled at the language in today's movies, which I rarely attend. Every day I hear the name of God profaned on television numerous times and I am deeply offended. And I often hear people who attend church on a regular basis uttering the name of God in vain. What has propelled us from the gentle society of my youth to the mire of today's society?

I would like to hear suggested solutions from others in Rim country. What are churches doing to solve the problem? If we're not successful in eliminating offensive language, I fear for the future of our country.

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