Don't Accept Facts At Face Value


In response to the July 10 letter of Margaret J. Ross.

It appears to me that the recent mocking, smirking and sarcastic letters in the Roundup, to which she refers, castigating the Citizens Awareness Committee were written by retirees. Those retirees do not have a financial interest in using Payson's water to line their pockets as she claims.

It is often wise to do one's own research, studying both sides of an issue, and then to draw one's own conclusions based on fact, rather than accepting at face value what is presented by the CAC, which has its own agenda.

However, if the above does not make sense, and one is willing accept other's interpretations of fact, colored as they might be, then the CAC might be the perfect place for Margaret. There is also an organization known as the Flat Earth Society, which is accepting members.

Louis R. Adams, Payson

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