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Q: What happens with a Habitat for Humanity property once the occupants granted the home move and decide to sell? Is it donated back to the Habitat organization for future families? The house at 700 N. Snead has been placed for sale by Rim Valley Real Estate.

A: According to President Fran Doering, Habitat for Humanity has first right of refusal to repurchase a home if the owner wants to sell within five years of purchase. "We sell them the house," he said. "They make payments to us." On this particular house, which has now been sold, Habitat for Humanity decided not to exercise their first right of refusal. "We let her go ahead and sell it," Doering said. "But the owner is not allowed to make money on the house for five years, except what they put into it."

Normally, Doering said, Habitat for Humanity does exercise its option to purchase the home. "Most of the time, we take them back and put another family in."

Q: I read in the Roundup that Gila County Sheriff John Armer will decide whether Roy George Haught, who was sentenced to a year in jail for his role in the death of Jim Cooper of Strawberry, will be granted work release privileges. Has a decision been made yet?

A: "Not yet," Armer said, "but at this point I don't see anything that would prohibit him from qualifying for work release."

Haught is scheduled to report to Gila County jail Aug. 1, and a final decision will be made by then, the sheriff said.

Q: How old do you have to be to serve on the town council?

A: According to Town Attorney Sam Streichman, "Under state law you have to be 18 and a qualified elector residing in the town at the time of the election."

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